Sustainability is:
a balance in environmental, social, and economic consideration of all components of the world's living and non-living systems. To fit into this balance, humanity must achieve resilience, continued learning, and consciousness of our relationship with the Earth.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What I Learned

This semester has helped me a lot in terms of my understanding of myself and my relationship to my role as a sustainability leader. This semester has allowed me the time to think about what I can do to become a better person both in sustainability and also as the person I want to become, this time has allowed me to questions most of the things that I thought about myself and to rethink what I must do to become the person I want to be. One realization is that the things I do are not the best for the environment and that I have both the ability and the responsibility to try and live as sustainably as I can not only for the good of myself but also for the good of this planet. This time has also allowed me to re-discover my drive for “glory”, “greatness”, “perfection” or any other word that people strive for which wasn’t lost before I came here but wasn’t a priority of mine, it allowed me the time to think and understand what I truly wanted and why I wanted it, and why it was important for me to make these changes. Why was this semester important to my understanding of myself and my role in sustainability it wasn’t the fact and figures that I learned about or the methods and styles of sustainability either it allowed me the time to understand why I choices this lifestyle in the first place and why I need to make these changes not for anyone else but for myself and for the health of my family. This is what I learned while in Iceland, the value of health, friend, family, the value of goals and drive, as well as the value of me.
-John Charles Grunde

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