Sustainability is:
a balance in environmental, social, and economic consideration of all components of the world's living and non-living systems. To fit into this balance, humanity must achieve resilience, continued learning, and consciousness of our relationship with the Earth.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thought-provoking videos.

hedy schleifer - the power of connection
a video from the beginning of the semester.
i am sure you guys all remember it,
so i won't go into any more detail here.

richard saul wurman - founder of ted lecture at risd
all this video watching business on ted made me remember the lecture at risd with the ted founder.
good stuff in his talk, though its not a complete version.
a lot of people left his talk because they claimed it was about 'nothing in particular'
but really, it's about everything, an approach to life.

"a joke is the opposite of expectation
you expect one thing and the punch line gives you the other
and opposite of expectation makes us laugh
a lot of innovation is the opposite of expectation,
it's the opposite of what is going on
and so, the creation and structure of a joke, humor
is very much like invention,
of doing things maybe perhaps the opposite way...
we should be measured by the SOH [sense of humor] test,
and the people who didn't pass it couldn't laugh about it"


"we are really collectively stupid.
we know nothing.
and it is only by that acceptance of our ignorance,
of our 0 place when we begin something,
it's only by that real nothingness of knowing and understanding
what it's like not to understand
that you can actually do something."

chris jordan - ted talk on western culture statistics
a visual language used by an artist to show statistics on a human scale,
something you can relate to,
rather than just numbers.

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